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How it Works:

Send us your clothes

      • Purchase a pre-paid shipping label for a 10kg package and drop it off at the post office.  
      • If you are local to Melbourne, contact us and see if your suburb is included in our home pick up service.

Online Catalogue 

  • We will assess your clothes and decide the appropriate price. 
  • We will then photography and list each item on our online shop for resale. 
  • Your items will then be available across all our sales channels.
  • Your items will then become part of all our social media marketing campaigns.

Earn Cash or Credit

  • Once your items have been sold, you have the option of store credit or cash deposited into Paypal or direct deposit.


What We Accept:

Women’s, Children or Men’s Clothing

  • casual
  • evening
  • designer
  • office
  • active

Women’s, Children or Men’s Shoes

  • new
  • hardly used

We accept mid to premium priced clothing only, low priced items that will exceed the price to ship may not be accepted.  Selected Vintage may be accepted.


What Condition Must The Clothing Be In?

  • New with tags
  • Like New
  • Excellent
  • Gently Used

All clothing must have brand tags and sizes.  We cannot accept any clothing without labelling.

Clothing cannot have any stains, fading or pilling, holes, tears or odours.

All clothing must be complete with no missing parts like zips, buttons, snaps, ties etc.


What We Don’t Accept:

  • Lingerie
  • Jewellery
  • Altered clothing
  • Handmade made clothing
  • Promotional clothing
  • Costumes
  • Socks and Tights
  • Sleepwear
  • Wedding or Bridesmaids dresses


Our Commitment to Quality:

At Encore Fashion, we value items that come to us clean and ready for their next adventure. We expect all clothing that comes to us to be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, and there are certain standards we adhere to strictly. We cannot list items that are:

  • Damaged: This includes any rips, missing buttons, unraveled seams, pulled threads, pilling, discolouration, stains, marks, or fading.
  • Excessively Worn: We look for items that retain at least 70% of their wearable life, without significant fading, pilling, stretching, or deterioration of fabric fibers.
  • Odorous: Items must be free from musty, moldy, or strong perfume and cigarette smoke odours, and should be recently laundered.
  • Altered or Repaired: We can't accept items with removed brand, size, or care labels, obvious restitching of tears or rips, or alterations from their original sizing/fit.
  • Outdated or Off-Trend: Generally, we don't accept items older than four years unless they are genuine vintage pieces (over 20 years old) that meet our other quality standards.
  • Inappropriate: We avoid uniforms, costumes, branded and clothing with profane or offensive imagery or language.


Please follow the guidelines or contact us if you are unsure. 

All shipping costs for selling or donating clothing is free and you will only incur a cost if you have asked for returning items that do not sell or items that have not met our guidelines.

Once you send clothing, Encore Fashion it has the right to price the item at its discretion.

Once your items sell you will have the choice of store credit or online transfer.


How much money can you earn from your clothes?

Earn more $$$ for your clothing than any other online consignment store.

How Much Money You Can Earn.

Listed Price


$0 - $80


$80.01 +



How We Price Your Items:

Our goal is to price your items in a way that encourages a sale within 10-12 weeks. Setting prices too high can lead to items lingering unsold, necessitating significant discounts to move them. To find the right price, we thoroughly analyse our database of sold products and compare with other current online marketplaces.

The listing price is determined by considering several factors, including the item's original retail price (RRP), its condition, brand, age, and how similarly priced items are faring on various websites. This balanced approach helps us ensure your items are attractively priced for buyers while still offering you a fair return.


What Happens If My Item Doesn’t Sell?

If after 4 months your item does not sell, Encore Fashion will have the right to list the item at a sale price and adjust the price of the item at its discretion.

If we decide not to list some of your items for sale, or if they remain unsold after six months, you have options for what happens next. Just let us know on your consignment form. You can choose to:

  1. Have them returned to you (please note, you'll need to cover the shipping costs).
  2. Opt to have them donated to a charitable organisation.

Should you have any more questions about these options or other terms and conditions, feel free to reach out to us at

We appreciate your partnership with Encore Fashion!