Encore Fashion About Us

At Encore Fashion, we’re not just about style and threads; we’re about making impactful choices and ushering in a change. In a world brimming with throw-away culture, where fashion is often seen as temporary and disposable, we present a revolutionary alternative: the world of second-hand clothing. And guess what? We want you, yes you, to be a part of this transformation!

Why Second-Hand, You Ask?

Picture this: mountains of discarded clothes, most barely worn a few times, choking our already overwhelmed landfills. The modern fast-fashion industry, with its ever-changing trends and inexpensive production, has led to a staggering amount of waste. Every piece of clothing you see has a carbon footprint, from the water used in its creation to the energy consumed in its production and transportation. Now, imagine curbing this impact, one garment at a time. How? By simply choosing to buy second-hand, selling your gently-used attire, donating to trusted sellers, or forwarding them to textile recycling facilities.

Join Us and Make a Mark

Our planet groans under the weight of wastefulness, but together, we have the power to bring about change. Together, we can tip the scales back in favour of sustainable choices and practices.

Our Pledge to You and Our Planet

Encore Fashion stands as a beacon in the vast sea of the fashion industry. Our mission is multi-fold:

Affordability Meets Quality: We're dedicated to offering a handpicked collection of pre-loved clothing that doesn't break the bank. Quality fashion should be accessible to all, and we’re here to make that a reality.

Empowering Australians: Got a closet full of clothes you no longer wear? We’re here to help. By providing a platform to sell unwanted clothing, we're ensuring that Australians not only declutter their spaces but also earn from it. It's sustainability and profitability rolled into one.

No to Landfills: Every piece of clothing has a story. And for the ones that don’t find a new home through our platform, we ensure they don’t just end up in a landfill. Through partnerships with textile recycling and upcycling agencies, we guarantee responsible disposal or transformation of unsold items. It’s a commitment we wear with pride.

For Everyone: We're inclusive in every sense of the word. At Encore Fashion, there's something for everyone – women, men, and children. Every age, every style, every fashion need finds its answer with us.

Slow and Sustainable: Fast fashion? Not on our watch. We're passionate advocates of the slow and sustainable fashion movement. It's not just about being trendy; it's about being conscious, about choosing quality over quantity, longevity over momentary appeal.

Beyond Clothing: Our vision doesn't stop at clothing. As we grow, we aim to branch out into other sustainable practices, like upcycling, giving items not just a second chance but an entirely new purpose.

In essence, Encore Fashion is more than just a brand or an online store. It's a movement, a community of conscious consumers who believe in making choices that count. Every shirt you buy or sell, every dress you donate or recycle, is a step towards a sustainable future.

So, are you with us? Dive into the world of second-hand fashion. Embrace the revolution. Because at Encore Fashion, we're not just changing wardrobes; we're changing the world. Together, let's make a difference!