Sleection of jeans piled on top of each other.

Make Your Jeans Last A Lifetime

We’ve all been there, seeing our favourite pair of jeans shrink, or lose their shape or that great colour. But this need not be! A good pair of jeans can stand the test of time if you know how to look after them.


Don’t Wash Often

Yeap, that’s right. Not washing your jean’s as often will not only help them retain their shape, but also help the environment!  The experts at Levi’s recommend washing your jeans after every tenth wear, and if you see some spots of dirt in between, well just get a damp cloth or old toothbrush and gently clean with natural soap or even just detergent mixed with vinegar.


Wash with cold water

To keep the colour you love, turn your jeans inside out and wash them in cold water. This will also help protect your jeans from fading and shrinking, as well as save energy. Helping the environment and your wallet! What could be better?


Line Dry

Avoid using dryers to preserve the shape of your jeans and avoid shrinkage.  Dryers contribute to the lint in your jeans breaking down, so instead find an area in the shade, turn your jeans inside out and line dry them.



Then, for those times when a tear just can’t be helped, use a patch or stitching. Not only is it an opportunity to breathe new life into your jeans, but depending on what you do, it can also become a chance for interesting fashion choices!


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