90s Fashion Revival: Styles That Are Making a Huge Comeback!

90s Fashion Revival: Styles That Are Making a Huge Comeback!

Welcome to a delightful sartorial trip down memory lane, where the vibrant spirit of the 90s still pulses through the threads of today's fashion, including the second hand clothing market. This isn't just about revisiting the trends of yesteryears; it's a celebration of a decade that boldly redefined style boundaries. The 90s carved out a niche that defies the ages, with its eclectic mix of grunge, minimalism, and unabashed glamour. Whether it's the raw edge of ripped jeans or the sleek simplicity of a slip dress, these trends have transcended time, becoming less of a nostalgic throwback and more of a second hand clothing contemporary mainstay.

As a fashion stylist, I've witnessed the cyclical dance of trends, where what was once old is reborn with new vigour. The 90s, in particular, have a unique staying power, resonating with those who lived it and entrancing those who didn't. This isn't just about clothing; it's about an attitude, a statement of individuality that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. So let's lace up our combat boots, fasten our chokers, and take a walk through the iconic styles of the 90s that continue to influence the fashion world. It's not just a revival; it's a renaissance.


Key 90s Trends Making a Comeback

Plaid and Flannel Shirts – The Unfading Icons of the 90s


Plaid and flannel shirts are as synonymous with the 90s as the decade's hallmark grunge bands. But these aren't just remnants of a bygone era; they've been reinvented time and again to fit into the modern woman's wardrobe. It's a look that can be thrown over a vintage band tee for a casual outing or tied around the waist to add an edge to a floral midi dress.

One of my favourite styling tips is to play with proportions when wearing these shirts. For instance, pairing a loose flannel shirt with fitted leather pants balances the outfit and adds a contemporary twist. Another trick is to utilise a plaid shirt as a pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic outfit, giving it a focal point that's both striking and sophisticated.

From personal experience, I've found that the key to keeping plaid and flannel feeling fresh is to mix it with unexpected elements. Think of a silky camisole underneath an open flannel shirt, or a sparkling brooch pinned to the collar of a plaid button-up. It's these small touches that elevate the ensemble, proving that 90s trends have a place in the high-fashion scenes of today. Remember, fashion is about self-expression, so don't be afraid to blend the 90s aesthetic with your own unique style.


Crop Tops - A Midriff Moment That Never Ended

The crop top's evolution is a story of reinvention. Once a symbol of rebellion and carefree youth in the 90s, it has matured into a versatile piece that can be sophisticated, playful, or downright professional. As a stylist, I've guided many clients through the initial hesitation around crop tops, showing them how this 90s trend can be adapted for a range of ages and body types.

The secret lies in balance and layering. Pairing a crop top with high-waisted trousers or skirts elongates the body and keeps the look grounded. For a chic office outfit, I often recommend layering a blazer over a fitted crop top, which maintains professionalism while adding a touch of modern style.

Another piece of practical advice is to play with proportions and textures. A loose, billowy crop top can be beautifully contrasted with a sleek pencil skirt, while a textured crop, such as one with crochet details, can add depth to a plain pair of wide-legged pants. Remember, it's not about showing skin; it's about creating silhouettes that celebrate the body and the garment. And if showing too much midriff is a concern, a high-rise bottom or a layer underneath can offer a comfortable, yet stylish solution. Crop tops are not just a fleeting fad; they're a statement of confidence and style continuity.


Mom Jeans - The Quintessential 90s Relic Turned Modern Classic

Mom jeans have made a remarkable journey from being a 90s wardrobe staple to a contemporary style essential. These high-waisted, often light-washed denim jeans are celebrated for their comfort and retro vibe.  I've seen the initial skepticism about mom jeans turn into adoration once clients discover the right fit and how to style them with a modern twist.

Finding the perfect pair of mom jeans is about understanding body shape and embracing the silhouette that these jeans provide. They should sit comfortably at the natural waist and can be more fitted or relaxed, depending on personal preference.  Paired mom jeans with a fitted blazer and heels, transforming the casual denim into a polished ensemble suitable for a creative workplace.

In terms of styling, the high waist of mom jeans makes them ideal for tucking in blouses and tops, creating a defined waistline. For a laid-back look, I suggest rolling the hems slightly and slipping on a pair of statement sneakers. Accessorizing with a chunky belt can also add an element of sophistication to this otherwise relaxed fit. The key is to play with contrasts: a delicate, feminine top can offset the jeans' inherent casualness, while an oversized sweater can play up the cozy, effortless feel. Mom jeans are no longer just a nod to nostalgia; they've earned their place as a versatile piece in the modern woman's closet.


Platform Shoes - Elevating Style from the Ground Up

Platform shoes have always been more than just footwear; they're a cultural statement that reached new heights in the 90s, thanks in part to pop icons and music videos. Today, these shoes have evolved, maintaining their elevated soles but coming in designs that range from subtle to extravagant. As a stylist, I've helped clients navigate the balance between comfort and fashion, ensuring that their platform choices enhance their style rather than overshadow it.

When choosing platform shoes, consider the setting. A chunky sneaker with a modest platform can bring an element of surprise to a casual outfit without sacrificing comfort. On the other hand, a platform heel adds drama and height for evening wear. One client fondly recalls how a pair of velvet platform boots became her signature piece, often sparking conversations at events.

The trick to wearing platforms stylishly is to let them complement your outfit rather than compete with it. If your shoes are statement pieces, keep the rest of your ensemble simple. For those new to platforms, I suggest starting with a lower heel and gradually working up to higher elevations as your comfort grows. Always remember, confidence is the best accessory when rocking a pair of sky-high platforms. They are not just shoes; they're a fashion experience that transports you back to the boldness of the 90s with every step you take.


Slip Dresses and Skirts - From Grunge to Elegance

Slip dresses and skirts have seamlessly transitioned from the grunge-filled streets of the 90s to the glossy pages of today's high fashion magazines. These garments have shed their exclusively casual tag and embraced a more versatile role in women's wardrobes. As a stylist, I've relished the opportunity to help clients discover the transformative power of these pieces through creative layering and accessorising.

One of the most effective ways to transition a slip dress from a daytime to evening look is by playing with layers. A simple tee underneath a slip dress can work for a casual brunch, while a faux fur jacket thrown over the shoulders can elevate the same dress for a night out. I recall a client who paired her midi slip skirt with a chunky knit sweater and ankle boots, striking a perfect balance between comfort and chic for a fall event.

Layering for different seasons involves adjusting the weight and texture of your accompanying pieces. In cooler months, I suggest heavier fabrics like wool or even layering a slip dress over a thin turtleneck. For summer, a lightweight cardigan or a denim jacket can keep the look light and breezy. The key to nailing this style is to maintain a fluid silhouette, ensuring the slip garment remains the star of the show. Whether it's the delicate lace trim of a slip skirt peeking out beneath a sweater or the glossy sheen of a dress contrasted with matte leather, these 90s staples can adapt to any setting with grace and ease.


High-Waisted Denim Shorts - The Eternal Summer Staple

High-waisted denim shorts have been a staple since the 90s, offering an effortless blend of comfort and cool. Their enduring appeal lies in their remarkable adaptability; they can be punk-rock, boho-chic, or sleekly modern depending on what they're paired with. In my career as a fashion stylist, I've seen these shorts work miracles in the most diverse of wardrobes.

The key to styling high-waisted denim shorts for a chic look is to focus on balance. Pair them with a flowy blouse tucked in to accentuate the waist, or for a more avant-garde approach, combine them with a structured blazer. Remember, it's the juxtaposition of casual and formal that often creates the most striking ensemble. I fondly recall a beachside photoshoot where the model wore high-waisted denim shorts with an embellished crop top and a sheer kimono - the look was the epitome of summer elegance.

For a day-to-night transition, switch from flat sandals to strappy heels and add statement jewellery. High-waisted shorts provide a canvas for creativity, so don't shy away from experimenting with textures and layers. Whether it’s a lace-trimmed top for a touch of femininity or a leather jacket for an edge, these shorts can carry it all with style. Their versatility from the 90s remains unmatched, proving that some trends truly are timeless.


Mixing 90s Vibes with Modern Sensibilities

Merging the distinct flair of 90s fashion with today's style requires a keen eye for balance and a strong sense of personal aesthetics. The goal is to create a look that's not trapped in a time warp but instead celebrates the fusion of eras.  I've always found this blend to be the epitome of personal style—taking the best of the past and harmonising it with the contemporary.

One tip I often share is to anchor your outfit with one vintage piece, like a classic 90s band tee, and build around it with modern accessories or tailored pieces. For example, pairing the tee with a sharp blazer and skinny jeans creates a look that's both nostalgic and polished. Remember, the juxtaposition of old and new can be quite striking! 

Balancing vintage and contemporary pieces also involves playing with textures and patterns. A grunge-era flannel shirt can be refreshed with sleek leather leggings, while chunky sneakers can add a playful touch to a minimalist dress. It's all about creating harmony between the pieces. Embrace the quirks of 90s fashion, but temper them with modern fits and lines that reflect current trends. By doing so, you craft a look that's uniquely yours, transcending the decades.


Where to Find 90s Fashion Pieces

In the quest for authentic 90s fashion, second hand clothing stores and vintage shops are treasure troves of retro finds. As a stylist, I have unearthed some incredible pieces in the least expected places, from mom jeans that fit like they were tailored to a gem of a windbreaker with that quintessential 90s neon flair. These places are not just stores but time capsules where every garment has a story.

I guide my clients towards curated second hand clothing shops for specific iconic items, like those classic high-waisted Levi's or a perfect condition Tommy Hilfiger jacket. For a broader selection, online retailers specialising in second hand clothing such as Encore Fashion can be goldmines, offering a more extensive range of sizes and styles. Online marketplaces like Etsy or Depop are platforms where you can find dedicated sellers with a passion for 90s fashion.

Sustainable fashion is another critical aspect, and upcycling second hand clothing plays a significant role in this movement. It's a creative and environmentally conscious way to give new life to old clothes. I've worked with clients to repurpose a vintage band tee into a one-of-a-kind piece by adding lace details or transforming oversized sweatshirts into trendy crop tops. This approach not only reduces waste but also gives you a unique piece that reflects your personal style and the spirit of the 90s.



As we draw the curtains on our fashion journey through the 90s, it's clear that the era's styles were more than just fleeting trends; they were expressions of individuality that have stood the test of time. These pieces were bold, unapologetic, and spoke volumes about the cultural zeitgeist of the decade. They've managed to retain their charm and appeal, influencing even the most modern of fashion choices.

I always encourage my clients to see fashion as a personal narrative, a way to tell their own story through the clothes they wear. The 90s, with its distinct sense of freedom and experimentation, offers endless inspiration for this. Whether you're layering a vintage band tee under a sleek suit or accessorising a minimalist dress with a chunky chain necklace, the goal is to honour your unique identity.

The 90s taught us that fashion should be fun, liberating, and a reflection of who we are. I urge you to mix that vintage vibe with your contemporary pieces, to find your voice within the echoes of the past. So, embrace those timeless qualities, make them your own, and wear them with confidence. After all, the best trend to follow is being true to yourself.

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